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Maintain Your Oral Comfort With Relines and Rebases

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Just like natural teeth, dentures require periodic care to maintain optimal comfort and oral health. With time your gums will shrink resulting in your dentures no longer fitting as securely as they once did. This is a common occurrence amongst all denture wearers. The rate at which this change takes place, and the degree to which it will take place varies patient to patient, but the change is inevitable. Prolonged use of an ill-fitting denture can lead to a more rapid rate of shrinkage and bone loss. Being that gum structure is something that a denture wearer will rely on for fit stability throughout their lifetime, it is important to have your dentures periodically checked. Indicators that your dentures may not be fitting as well as they need to are: food gathering beneath your denture on an increasing basis, an increased degree of sensitivity when chewing, increasing movement of dentures with speech and facial expressions. If you are noticing any of these symptoms we are happy to provide a free assessment of your denture.

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