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Immediate Dentures

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Loss of a person’s natural teeth is an unfortunate occurrence, but may at some point become unavoidable. This is a situation where an immediate denture is often the most suitable solution to the patient not having to be without teeth at all for any period of time.

Immediate dentures are designed and fabricated prior to a patient having their natural teeth extracted, using models of their existing teeth to design and construct a denture as similar to their natural teeth as possible. This denture will be inserted immediately after having your natural teeth removed.

Following extractions your gum structure will change at a more rapid rate for up to 9-12 months while the sockets in your jaw bone gradually close in. During this time your denture will likely require more periodic adjustment than what it will at any point after that. There are a variety of treatment options that we can offer to maintain fit and comfort during this recovery period.

These are best explained on an individual basis, as not all patients will experience identical post-extraction change in their mouths. Once the gums and underlying bone structure have fully recovered from the extraction process, and the rate of change in your mouth has slowed to a normal rate, your denture will need to be relined to ensure a comfortable and accurate fit. The relining procedure can be done over the course of day, ensuring that a patient is without their denture for the least time possible.

To learn more about immediate dentures, and how they may be a suitable dental option for you, feel free to contact us.

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